Get Ready! Nothing’s New Product Launch on April 18

Technology company Nothing announced that it will showcase a new product during its public update on April 18. The teaser uses the word “hear” alongside the phrase “Playdate” to suggest a link to the audio product. This, combined with previous teas featuring exotic animals, leads to speculation that the new product will be Ears (3).

Adding to the rumors, a new No Ear product has recently appeared on the BIS certification website, which usually precedes the sale. This shows that the ear (3) can be found quickly. In terms of design, we can expect the headset (3) to follow the brand’s signature aesthetics, functionality and early charging case, and may have wireless charging support. The previous model, the Ear (2), offered features such as LDAC codec support and a two-device mode that could also control the Ear (3).

In addition to the design, the ear (3) will likely come with other upgrades, but details are unknown at this time. Other than the announcement, nothing has been teased and details are few and far between.

To be clear, we will have to wait for the public update on April 18, when more concrete information is expected to be released.